Exclusive Guide to Choose a Hair Straightening Brush

Tired of visiting the salon for straight hair and now want to do everything at home. You are going right, all you need to do is picking up the best hair straightening brush that suits your hair. The main problem every straight hair lover face is that how to get the best and useful hair straightening product which can get better, smooth and straight hair without damaging them. Let me walk you through various things you need to look for when going to choose a hair straightening brush and best among them.

Things to Look for

Here I have mentioned every single thing that you need to look for when choosing a best hair straightening brush.


First thing is that have a look on bristles before going to choose a straightening brush for your hair.

Nylon Bristles

Must go for a brush with nylon and boar bristles when choosing hair straightening brush, because these bristles won’t hurt your scalp and they won’t cause any damage to your hair.

Ball-Tipped Bristles

Hair Straightener brushes with ball-tipped bristles can prevent tangles and be snagging when you are drying your hair.

Brush’s Shape

If you are having short or medium-length hair, flat iron would be the best option. But, if you have long hair, roller brush would the right choice.


The other must-have feature is that your brush doesn’t need your very much effort to move it through your hair. So,¬†you should choose a brush with a cushioned handle so that you can move it easily.

Tourmaline Technology

Hair Straightening Brushes with Tourmaline Plates heats up faster than other technologies. And they also produce more negative ions than other straightener brushes to remove positive ions like frizz etc.

Ceramic Technology

Just like the Tourmaline Plates, Ceramic Plates helps your hair to be shinier and smoother with the help of negative ions. And when it’s paired up with a hairdryer, the task gets less time-consuming.

Exclusive Guide to Choose a Hair Straightening Brush