How to Straighten Hair using Hair Straightening Brush

 Straighten Hair using Hair Straightening Brush

Straightening your hair is not that hard task to perform if you use hair straightening brush correctly. To get the best results you need to be sure that you are doing it correctly. Because Kinky Curls can spoil your mood very easily, and for straight hair, you need to learn the steps I am going to tell you about straightening hair. You cannot only just detangle and straighten your hair using hair straightener brush but it will also ionize your hair. You can make your hair smooth, you can recover their brilliance and can get their natural strength back.

Due to an installed heating element, in just a few minutes this brush creates you a stylish hairdo. And the best thing I know about you is that you are fed up with this straightening irons. So, the steps I am telling you about straightening your hair worked out great for me and you will also love these tricks.

How to Straighten Hair using Hair Straightening Brush

Wash your Hair

The first step you need to do in order to get best results is washing your hair. Shampoo and condition your hair so your hair will be nice and clean and ready to straight them. If your hair is very curly you should go for a conditioner with high moisturizing features. Your regular hair moisturizing products like Moroccan and argan oil are superb for this purpose if you want to apply them on your hair. Because products like Moroccan and argan oil can protect your hair from frizz or any kind of damage. You should apply a mask or balm, which contains retinol, a green tea extract or vitamins B and E.

Use Heat Protectants to Protect Them

It is essential to use some thermal protective products including sprays, serums, lotions or other protective products before using the straightener brush. Because using these hair protective products will lessen the chance of any damage to your hair. And these products will enhance the effect too. Use these products evenly through your hair and let them dry.

Drying your Hair

After washing your hair, dry them thoroughly using a towel and make your hair completely ready. Because using a brush on your hair after drying them will make it just a little damp. You should use this brush after drying your hair and after combing them, because dry hairs without well-combed locks will lower risks including: burning your scalp or damaging your hair structure.

Do not try to Straighten the Tips of your Hair

If your hair is splitting, you should not straighten the tips, because if you do that your hair will look messy. Get them cut, and get advice from your professional hairdresser about which product you should use while straightening your hair.

Temperature Levels According to Hair Types

If you don’t know that which temperature settings will suit your hair. That’s why I am designing a table for you so that you can set the hair straightening brush temperature according to your hair type.

Temperature Hair Structure Hair Shape
290-330F (140-170C) Fine or Slender Naturally Straight
330-370F(170-190C) Fine/Dyed hair of middle thickness Straight and Almost Straight
370-390F(190-200C) Fine Slightly Curly/Wavy
390-410F(200-210C) Dense Slightly Curly/Wavy
410-450F(210-230C) Thick Curly/Very curly

Brush your Hair Gently

Just plug in the brush and let your brush reaches your desired temperature. The newer models of these brushes are having an LCD light on the handle that will show you the temperature of the brush. As you know, heat can be the reason for damage of hair, so you should always try to straighten your hair using less temperature. While brushing, start with the first section of your hair like from the back of your head. Apply the brush close to the roots as much as you can get and start brushing slowly towards your hair ends.

Because brushing your hair this way will definitely dry and straighten your hair every section. Sometimes, it’s necessary to brush each section of your hair thrice or four times for nice and long-lasting straight hair. After completing all the sections of your hair, brush them with a simple brush and look out that they need a little bit more straightening or not.

Useful Tips for you

With a damp cloth keep cleaning your brush bristles, it will give you better results. You should do these every single time you are going to use this hair straightening brush. While using your brush keep in mind:

That you brush deeply into each section of hair, so every strand of yours is evenly straightened.

Brush slowly, by this your each section receive same heat it needs to get straighten.

When you brush slow, it will reduce the time in which you hear is going to get heated and you don’t need to brush you each section again and again.

Your First Time?

If this is your first time, the best practice is that you test your hair to find out which temperature suits you. You should start brushing your hair with the lowest temperature and brush them for several seconds with that temperature. Gradually increase the temperature if you don’t find out your desired results.

Take a small lock and slide the brush in slow gentle combing motions from top to bottom. If your hair is long or tangled, comb the tips first, gradually moving up. Give every section of your hair a few seconds. Don’t brush in a single same position for more than 2-3 seconds.

The time this process will take depends on the length of your hair, thickness, structure, and fuzziness of them. But it will not take any more than 15 minutes. And the best part is that you don’t need to be afraid to burn yourself up because these brushes only use ceramic elements heated and covered with bristles. And these elements are located deep under the bristles.

Free from burning problems!!

Video Tutorial


So I proved it to you that straightening your hair isn’t a very hard task to perform. All you need to do is wash your hair, protect them with hair protective product, dry them, setting the right temperature and start brushing. The method I told you will surely get you sleek, straight and smooth look everyone wishes for. And you don’t need to be worried about any kind of damage during this process.