How to Protect your Hair from Heat Damage

Fashion trends are growing day by day and today people look for the different hair styling products to get different types of hair. Everyone wants stylish cool hair done in very short time by applying different products to hair. You can use straighteners, hair dryers, irons and curlers, but all of them can cause serious damage to your hair.

What your hair contains is cuticle scales that is, an upper hard layer made up of the cortex and another smooth layer. When the heat of any type touches your hair it causes cuticle scales to rise and opens the cortex. Irons and hair dryers can eat up all the protein of your hair and can cause damage and make your hair ugly, rough and dull. If you want healthy hair then you should avoid the use of these products on wet hair as they cause all your hair proteins vanished and burned.

Types of Hair Damages

  1. 1st one is Mechanical Damage: which is caused by frequent use of hair products like hair straightener brush, hair curlers, dryers and hair irons.
  2. 2nd one is Thermal Damage: which is caused when your hair is so much dried up using hair dryers. irons or hair curlers.
  3. The 3rd one is Chemical Damage: which is caused when hair is damaged by using any hair bleaching or any color products to your hair.

All these products cause hair damage should need to be reduced so that you can enjoy your hair and can grow them, can get different styles and hair dress ups. Different products now in the market can reduce their damage. When you apply heat products to your hair, you should be careful while using straighteners or dryers. While using them you should also use hair damage therapies with them e.g use of serum while using straightening irons as the serum can prevent your hair from heat damage.

Different hair damage therapies in market can also help your hair to get smooth and thicker. There are so many treatments which you can apply at your home easily and can treat your hair well and makes them smoother. Applying home remedies can get your 100% results from applying them.

Some of the remedies uses for the treatment of heat which can affect your hair after applying heat products:

  1. You should wash your hair daily with suitable shampoo and wash your hair before using hair dryers or irons. You should not use hair iron on your wet hair as it can damage all the proteins in your hair and can leave your hair dull and dry.
  2. You should try to use each product of the same brand as the same brand’s products help each other to react to your hair in the same way.
  3. Always use those heat products which has ceramic plates as they did not affect your hair and avoid using stell products which can cause severe damage.
  4. Try to use hair serum always before using hair straighteners or irons because they prevent hair from heat damage and help them to shine and become smooth.
  5. Don’t go for the products without reading all the consequences before that are written on the product because every product is not suitable for every type of hair. Always go for that product which is heat protective.
  6. Use hair spray for styling your hair when using heat products at a distance of 12-15 cm away from the hair because these products contain chemicals which can settle up your hair but can also damage them if applied without any distance.
  7. Keep in mind the texture of your hair before using the product. Everyone has a different texture of their hair, so go the products by keeping the texture of your hair in mind. For thick and soft hair, the products are different from other products made for straight and thin hair. You can’t apply any product on your hair.